in the kitchen x chocolate, lavender, and cherry blossoms

I know, I'm obsessed with Spring. After such a cold winter, it's been such a relief to feel the warm weather upon us and see the small changes in the array of ingredients at the farmers market. To lighten up the chocolate dessert on the menu, I thought, flowers. I wanted to bring floral notes to the dessert, one that would enhance all the different notes of dark Valrhona chocolate that I tend to use. Lavender brings a nice bright floral element to the dark chocolate and hazelnut flavors. The addition of cherry blossoms is unusual, since they are pickled in salt and vinegar. A balance of sweet, sour, salty, and sweet. All in one dish. Some mise en place. Chocolate sauce, cocoa nib crumble, chocolate crumbs, hazelnut cake, and caramelized hazelnuts.

Detailed shots of the chocolate ganache, hazelnut cake, and pickled cherry blossoms.

Toasted chocolate chiboust, hazelnut cake, chocolate sauce, caramelized lavender, pickled cherry blossoms, cocoa nib crumble, and lavender ice cream.

Love the combination of chocolate and hazelnuts.

Lavender ice cream and chiboust.

One last shot from a different angle.