in the kitchen x breakfast inspiration & mochi

Breakfast is one of my favorite meals, except I tend to eat "breakfast" at all hours except morning. This idea of a breakfast inspired dessert started when I decided to make mochi again. My first attempt at mochi dumplings resulted in two dumplings out of who knows how many. Mochi is a japanese rice cake made with rice flour. I specifically used Mochiko flour. I chose to roll out the dough(paste?) and punch out circles, and add flavor in the actual mochi as oppose to putting it in the filling. One day I will master mochi dumplings, but for now these are just as yummy. Dried yogurt powder in the mochi gives a nice tang that balances nicely with the naturally sweet flavor and glutinous texture. The other flavors in this dessert are yogurt, rhubarb, granola and blueberry. There is a greek yogurt sorbet, yogurt tuile, and a greek yogurt. The key is to use good quality greek yogurt. I used Argyle Cheese Farmers, and I cannot stop singing it's praises. Its fluffy, thick, and tangy. The rhubarb is poached with some white wine and raspberries, while the blueberry is made into a compote. The granola is a delicious crunchy snack, made with cashews, maple, cinnamon, nutmeg, and oats. I'd consider this one healthy dessert.

Another angle.

Breakfast turned dessert. There's something about yogurt, fruit, and granola that reminds me of early mornings.

I guess you can also consider this an alternative to a parfait?

One last look.