in the kitchen x grapefruit, green tea, yogurt

Now that we're nearing the end of winter, brainstorming for Spring desserts have become my biggest priority. When thinking of a new seasonal menu, I never think of flavors together, but rather ways in which to highlight an ingredient. My idea was to play around with citrus, a bridge between winter and spring. What better way than to make a fruit curd. Popular curd flavors include lemon, lime, and orange. My favorite flavor of curd happens to be grapefruit. I love how the bitter grapefruit is tamed with the addition of eggs, sugar, and butter. The biggest surprise of this dessert happens to be the crumble. It is a basic green tea crumble, but it's the flavors that are added after that makes it come alive. This entire dessert brings about flavors and ideas people are familiar with, such as curd or a crumble, but it is the way it has been treated that makes the familiar new. My first attempt at plating. Featuring a green tea crumble, greek yogurt sorbet, and my flexi grapefruit curd.

This one is a keeper! It's a basic crumble with matcha powder. After it is baked and cooled, I add lime zest, lime juice, toasted pistachios, and salt. Tart, sweet, salty, nutty, and bitter.

Mise en place. Grapefruit curd, apricot gel, green tea crumble, and extra matcha powder to dust on top.

The second version with apricot gel.

The final plated version. I admit I had a little too much fun with the grapefruit curd. But I think this highlights the best aspect of the curd in a set form, as oppose to a spreadable mixture.

One last look!