in the kitchen x ricotta cheesecake, frog hollow peaches, and bourbon

Imagine a light ricotta cheesecake sitting on a spoonful of buttery Maker's Mark sauce. On top of the cake are fresh blueberries, micro basil, sliced Frog Hollow peaches dripping with sugary goodness, and a sprinkling of a nutty hazelnut crumble with traces of cinnamon. Enjoy all this with a canelle of prosciutto ice cream. This is my newest addition to the summer dessert menu. The prosciutto ice cream is such a challenging item to pair with because it is a very delicate (who knew you could use prosciutto and delicate in the same sentence). Good thing the sweet, salty, and pork flavor of this ice cream ends up pairing  pretty well with fresh fruit. Now that summer is here, I've just been so excited to showcase the bounty of produce in it's perfect state. Our first shipment of Frog Hollow peaches came in from CA and I couldn't be more excited. They needed a couple of days to reach optimal ripeness, but hey, all good things are worth waiting for. The sweet and juicy fruit is such a good match for the prosciutto and ricotta. Everything together evokes such memories of a good summer meal, namely, fresh fruit, crispy pork, and bourbon.