style x simple summer stripes

Summer in New York City is all about finding the best air-conditioned spaces to while away a hot and sticky afternoon.  Iced coffees sweating in your hand the norm. With that in mind, a simple dress and flat sandals are the easiest outfit alternative. Bonus points if your dress has pockets. I'm constantly carrying around my phone, beverage, wallet and what not that extra pockets always come in handy. Easy breezy summer styles in classic stripes and denim always deliver. 

Forever 21 dress, H&M jacket, H&M sandals, H&M hat, Coach bag, Ray Bans sunglasses

style x B&W

Whenever I shop, I'm immediately drawn to any black and white pattern wherever I am. Something about the elegance of both colors together always seem to catch my eye. I picked up this dress last summer, drawn by the modest length and fun checkers. My boyfriend scored a last minute reservation to Sushi Nakazawa, and I needed a quick outfit asap. As I am short and petite, it's hard to pull of such length and pattern. By paring down on accessories and everything else, it seems to work. Im obsessed with the length, as it doesn't drag on the floor and stir up dust like a maxi dress. Not to mention that it's a simple way to dress up. Wear dress, add heels, grab your bag, and you're ready to go. 

Forever 21 dress, J.Crew bag, H&M sandals

style x that maxi skirt

There's always that one maxi skirt you gravitate towards in your closet. It's comfortable, makes you look put together, and is a quick cover for when you forget to shave your legs. Mine happens to be an off-white skirt with a side slit and pockets. First of all, I cannot wear white without staining and/or possibly ruining it (see white shorts in previous style post). Second, POCKETS. Not like they fit much, but just the idea of having a pocket is a relief to someone like me who is constantly carrying her phone, latte, wallet, and book in her hands. The side slit is just a way of taking advantage of a cool breeze in the midsts of NYC's humid summers. This skirt was a score from last year at Zara and just like the previous summer, remains a staple in my wardrobe. All hail the maxi skirt, and yes I am an avid fan of the midi skirt that seems to be all the rage this year.

H&M top, Zara skirt, Zara bag, H&M sandals