style x stripes²

Like any French fashion lover, my heart knows no bounds when it comes to stripes. The more blue and white striped shirts, shorts, or dresses I owned, the more chic I felt. In reality, I probably looked like the most boring person on Earth for wearing stripes every day. Lo and behold, I have stumbled upon my favorite stripes on stripes look. Originally, I bought this boxy striped shirt from the men's section with the idea of borrowing from the boys and having a perfectly oversized but shrunken ( I swear this makes sense) striped shirt. Sadly, it clung to my midsection in such an unflattering way that I rarely wore it. That is until I had the brilliant idea of bringing it to my tailor and turning it to a crop top. Problem solved, and I got a brand new shirt I was obsessed with. The shorts are a recent find. As soon as I laid eyes on them, I knew I would love its high-waisted fit. My boyfriend begs to differ and exclaimed that they look like his boxer shorts. True, but in a cute way, no? I know how this sounds, a shirt so unflattering they had to be cropped and shorts that look like men's underwear is not fashion post material. But below is proof thats stripes, regardless, rarely ever fail. 

H&M men's shirt (tailored), H&M shorts, H&M sandals, J.Crew bag, Timex watch, Ray Bans sunglasses